VERTER 5V USB Buck-Boost - 500mA with 3V-5V / 1000ma with 5V-12V

VERTER 5V USB Buck-Boost - 500mA with 3V-5V / 1000ma with 5V-12V

VERTER 5V USB Buck-Boost - 500mA with 3V-5V / 1000ma with 5V-12V

ADA 2190


A 5V Buck-Boost converter from 3V to 12V Buck-Boost from 3V to 12V

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Convert any battery pack into 5V with this VERTER - our new Buck-Boost power converter. VERTER can take battery voltages from 3 to 12 V DC and produce a good 5 V DC, making it a perfect universal power supply for your portable project! Where Verter is really useful is when you have a battery or power range that can fluctuate greatly.

It works on the 3-12V range, from a booster converter (3-5V in) to a buck converter (5-12V in) on the fly. This chip can do both, but it really works better as a buck converter than a booster. If you need a 500mA, it will have trouble getting down to 3V and the output will reach about 4.8V (which is still in the standard USB power supply specifications).

Like our popular USB 5V 1A wall-mounted adapter, we have set the output to be 5.2V instead of a 5.0V version so that there is no loss with long cables and it has a diode on the output. The 5.2V is secured for all 5V electronic devices such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Beagle Bone.

The VERTER has a TPS63060 pulse converter from TI. This chip is a buck-boost converter that can handle a wide range of voltages (3-12V) and offers very good advantages such as power, internal 2A switch, synchronous conversion, excellent efficiency and 2.2MHz high frequency operation.

  •     Synchronous operation means that you can completely disconnect the output by connecting the ENable pin to ground. This completely turns off the output
  •     An internal 2A switch means that you can output 500mA with 3V, and at least 1000mA from 12V inputs
  •     Apple / iOS "data resistors embedded at 500mA, welded into the USB connector, you can connect any iPhone or iPod for a rate of 500 mA. Avoid iPad's (which really need a 1A charge rate).
  •     Complete connectors for battery, control pins and power supply
  •     90% + operational efficiency in most cases (see data sheet for efficiency graphs) and low standby current: 5 mA when turned on and the power LED lights up, 20uA when turned off (power and low wattage LEDs off)

Ideal for powering your robot, your Arduino project, a single on-board computer such as a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone from a wide variety of inputs. We particularly like it for use with 4 AA batteries, which can range from 7 V for new alkalis and up to 4 V for nearly dead rechargeable batteries.

Each control is delivered with a fully assembled and tested PCB, a 2-pin terminal block and a non-soldered USB A socket.


  •     PCB Dimensions: 19mm x 32mm x 5mm / 0.7" x 1.3" x 0.2" PCB Dimensions
  •     Weight: 2.5g




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