Breadboard - 400 contacts

Breadboard - 400 contacts

Breadboard - 400 contacts



A breadboard of medium size perfect for your temporary electronic assemblies.

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This Platinum test (BreadBoard) 400points is ideal to achieve your electronic prototyping.

2 zones are present: 

  • A for prototyping: 10 x 30 contacts spotted
  • One for the power supply: 2 X 2 X 25 points arranged online.

The breadboard have an adhesive for easy mounting on the back.


Size: 82mm x 53mm x 8.5 mm



One Platinum breadboards (called in English Breadboard(, solder breadboard, protoboard or plugboard) is a device that allows the prototype of an electronic circuit and of the test.

The advantage of this system is to be completely reusable, because it requires no welding.

The latter distinguishes them turntables breadboards stripboards (or veroboards), the perfboards or the printed circuits which are, them, used to achieve permanent prototypes and we will be less able to disassemble.

We can't wire on a Platinum breadboards a variety of components in order to make electronic circuits, the simplest circuit to the microprocessor.


Source: Wikipedia


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