Voltmeter-ammeter USB with OLED display

Voltmeter-ammeter USB with OLED display

Voltmeter-ammeter USB with OLED display

ADA 2690


A voltmeter ammeter USB with OLED display to check your feeds on USB.

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This voltmeter/ammeter USB with OLED display will allow you to measure the voltage on a USB connector and power consumption. It is easy to know if the voltage is too low or your heavy load.

So, this product will allow you to measure the voltage and the current of any installation to USB connectivity, this database just incorporate it on the portion of the line to measure. It has a resistance of 0.025 ohm in series with the supply line which allows to measure the charge current. There is also a display OLED that will indicate the voltage in Volt, A, W power consumption and load in mAH for chargers, battery etc... A button to trouner the screen of 180 ° for a better reading according to applications.

It is possible to use this product with a tension of 3, 7V 13VDC, although most USB forunissent between 4 outing, 75V and 5, 25V, and up to 3 is running. It's a very useful tools to test your USB devices, check loads of your edits and check your charger and power boost.


  • Without USB prose size: 47mm x 22mm x 11mm / 1.9 "x 0.9" x 0.4 "
  • Dimension of the USB plug: 14mm / 0.6 "
  • Weight: 11.7 g
  • USB 1.x and 2.x - full speed. Does not the pines USB v3, so any connection USB v3 will be limited in v2
  • Extended measurement: 0 ~ 3A, 3.7 ~ 13VDC
  • Resolution: 10mV / 10mA

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