Matrix 8x8 LED Red LED 20mm

Matrix 8x8 LED Red LED 20mm

Matrix 8x8 LED Red LED 20mm

ADA 454


A matrix of 8x8 red LEDs of 20mm side.

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You'll shine with pleasure when you have this adorable miniature LED matrix of 0.8"(20mm) square, it has a great big LED matrix, but small size! 64 bright red LEDs are contained in the plastic body, in an 8x8 matrix. There are 16 pins on the side, 8 of each, with a 0.1" spacing so you can easily plug it into a breadboard with plenty of space to wire it up

Since the display is on a grid, the control must be multiplexed. We suggest using a 74HC595 and TPIC6B595 (using the 74HC595' to control the 8 anodes independently, then using the TPIC to drive one cathode at a time) or simply using a single MAX7219 that will perform multiplexing work for you.


  • It is a common cathode LED matrix with common cathode
  • Weight : 2,75 g


Controlling a Led matrix or 7-segment displays with the MAX7219 or the MAX7221



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