Adafruit PowerBoost 500 Shield - Rechargeable 5V Power Shield

Adafruit PowerBoost 500 Shield - Rechargeable 5V Power Shield

Adafruit PowerBoost 500 Shield - Rechargeable 5V Power Shield

ADA 2078


This shield for Arduino allows to manage the load and using a Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery.

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At what can serve your arduino if he remains in the corner of your desk with the PowerBoost shield, you can take him anywhere. This stackable shield on your Arduino board will allows the use of a Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery with a built-in charger and a DC/DC voltage converter to provide a regulated 5V.

Meant with most of the Arduino cards like the Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, Mega, Leonardo Due and maps, this shield use only pins GND and 5V.

This shield will work with Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries (3, 7V / 4, 2V), we recommend you 1200 mAh or 2000 mAh capacity. Simply connect using the connector JST 2 points, and you can reload the whole thanks to the micro-USB connector present on the shield.

The present regulator on the shield will allow to deivrer a 5V 500mA under and 1 peak, the shield has a fuse to protect the voltage converter and battery.

Attention: Use this PowerBoost with the battery LiIon/LiPoly of Adafruit brand. Other batteries may have a charge voltage, a pinout, a polarity or different chemical composition.

The shield is sold as a kit consisting of:

  • The PowerBoost 500 shield
  • Connectors for Arduino 
  • A switch to the function On / OFF

 It will be necessary to solder the connectors and swith.

The shield is sold without battery.


  • Dimensions: 53mm x 69mm x 2mm / 2.1 "x 2.7" x 0.08 "
    Height w / JST: 8mm / 0.3 "
    Weight: 12.5 g



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