Adafruit Joy FeatherWing for all Feathers

Adafruit Joy FeatherWing for all Feathers

Adafruit Joy FeatherWing for all Feathers

ADA 3632


A FeatherWing card to turn your Feather card into a Joystick.

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FeatherWing features a 2 axis joystick and 5 momentary buttons (4 large and 1 small) that let you turn your Feather into a tiny gamepad. This FeatherWing card communicates with your host microcontroller via I2C, making it easy to use and not taking any of your valuable analog or digital pins. There's also an optional interrupt pin that can alert your pen when a button has been pressed or released to free processor time for other tasks.

This FeatherWing features Adafruit Seesaw technology - a custom programmed help microcontroller that takes the joystick's two analog inputs, and the 5 button inputs, and converts them into a nice I2C interface. This I2C interface means that you don't lose GPIO or analog inputs when using this "Wing", and that it works with all Feathers! You can easily stack this with any other FeatherWing because I2C is a shared bus. If you have an I2C address conflict, or if you want to connect more than one address to a pen, there are two address selection jumpers, so you have 4 I2C address options

You can use an optional IRQ line if you want Fetaherwing to inform you when a button has been pressed. Since it is optional, we have left a pack of soldering jumpers so that you can choose which pin has the IRQ on it. Or leave him disconnected!

We have an Adafruit Seesaw library for Arduino, Python and CircuitPython so you can get started with Joy FeatherWing in no time.

Delivered assembled and programmed, and two 0.1"connectors. A little welding is needed to fix the collectors to the feather wing.


  • Uses I2C address 0x49 - can be changed to 0x4A, 0x4B or 0x4C
  • Product Dimensions: 50.0mm x 23.0mm x 14.5mm / 2.0" x 0.9" x 0.6"
  • Product Weight: 7.3g / 0.3oz


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