Adafruit SHARP Memory Display Breakout - 1.3" 168x144 Monochrome

Adafruit SHARP Memory Display Breakout - 1.3" 168x144 Monochrome

Adafruit SHARP Memory Display Breakout - 1.3" 168x144 Monochrome

ADA 3502


A Sharp Memory LCD screen between E-ink and LCD monitor.

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The 168x144 SHARP Memory LCD 1.3" 168x144 LCD screen is a cross between an eInk (e-paper) screen and an LCD screen. It has ultra-low energy eInk ultra-low energy and fast refresh rates of an LCD screen. This model has a gray background, and the pixels appear in black on gray for an e-reader display. It has no backlight, but it is readable in broad daylight. For night/night playback, you may need to illuminate the LCD area with external LEDs.

The naked screen is powered by 3V with 3V logic, so we have placed it on a fully assembled and tested board with a 3V regulator and level adaptation circuit. You can now safely use it with a 3 or 5V power supply and logic. The naked screen fits into a ZIF connector on board and we use a piece of double-sided tape to attach it to one side. There are four mounting holes so that you can easily attach it to a housing.

The display is written-only, which means it only needs 3 pins to send the data. However, the disadvantage of a write-only display is that the microcontroller driver must buffer the 168x144 bits (3 KB) of the entire memory. This means that you cannot use it with an ATmega328 (e. g. Arduino UNO) or ATmega32u4 (Feather 32u4, etc.). You must use a chip with RAM like ATSAMD21 (Feather M0), Teensy 3, ESP8266, ESP32, etc. On these chips, this display works very well and is beautiful.


  • Dimensions de l'écran (visible): 24.5mm × 21mm   
  • Screen dimensions (visible): 24.5mm × 21mm
  • Stitch pitch: 34mm x 33.3mm / 1.34" × 1.31".
  • Screen Size: 36.6mm / 1.44" diagonal
  • The current consumption depends on the refresh rate: with 1Hz of
        data refresh, 12uW consumption (4uA @ 3.3V)
  • PCB Dimensions: 40mm x 39mm x 4.6mm / 1.58" x 1.54" x 0.18".
  • Weight: 6g


Adafruit Sharp Memory Display Breakout


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