Conductive elastic - sensor of stretch cord

Conductive elastic - sensor of stretch cord

Conductive elastic - sensor of stretch cord

ADA 519


A conductive elastic cord that can serve as a sensor of stretching.

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Measure the forces of stretching is not so simple, unless you have this driver elatique cord! This cord with a diameter of 2mm is 1 m long and it's infused with carbon rubber. Usually, this ets material used to make EMF joints, but it's very fun to divert its generic use.

E effect, in a relaxed state, its resistance is approximately 350 ohms per inch, but once under shoot, his eaugmente supernova. For example, if you have a piece of 6 "long, which is about 2.1 kohms and you stretch it to 10", the supernova exceed to 3.5 kohms ((10/6) * 2, 1 k). You can stretch this cord at about 50% / 70% of its original length. Once the exercise is completed, the cable resumes its original length, but not very rpid, under 1 to 2 minutes. Attention, it is not a true linear sensor, and resistance will vary from one production to another, so it is not accurate to measure a moving, but it's a good way to detect a stretch without too much precision.

This product is sold in a length of 1 m with two crocodile clips and a resistance to 10kohms.


  • Length: approximately 1 meter = 39 inches
  • Diameter: 2mm
  • Resistance: 350-400 ohms per inch / 140-160 ohms per centimeter


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