UV light sensor analog - GUVA-S12SD

UV light sensor analog - GUVA-S12SD

UV light sensor analog - GUVA-S12SD

ADA 1918


A simple analog uV light sensor to use.

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This UV light sensor will allow you to Grand spectrum of 240 nm Ultraviolet light 370 NM which covers the spectrum UVB and most of the UVB spectrum. The level of the photodiode is very low, some Nanoampere, that's why an amplifier is present to increase its value.

This sensor is simpler than Sensor of UV index, infrared, and visible light SI1145, because it will provide voltage analog, much easier to manage than an I2C signal. It will get your more simple projects and it has a real sensor Up and not a light sensor calibrated. To use it, simply feed it between 2, 7V and 5, 5V and it will generate an output signal Vo = 4.3 X current output of the photodiode in µA. For example if the photodiode current is 1µA (9mW/cm2), the voltage Vo will be 4, 3V. You can then divide this tension by 0.1 to get the UV level, if the voltage is 0, 5V, this corresponds to a level of 5 UV.

Attention, this sensor some go up to 400 nm, apart from these values the result will be not convincing.


  • "Dimensions: 10mm x 19mm x 2mm / 0.4"x 0.75"x 0.08"
  • Weight: 0.7 g



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