Teensy 3.x Feather Adapter

ADA 3200


An adapter to easily add FeatherWings to your Teensy 3 card

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Oh man, isn't that the best thing? You can now use the incredible Teensy 3 with any of our FeatherWings or FeatherWings accessories and even get an integrated LiPoly charge!

This Feather adapter rearranges the pins of a Teensy 3.x to give you the same shape and pinout for our Feather. We have tested our FeatherWings so far and they are all compatible without any problems. It's a great way to enjoy the Feather ecosystem. Give your Teensy a stepper motor/DC driver, GPS, LED matrix or OLED add-on module with ease. With the remaining space, we have even added a 500mA LiPoly charger that automatically charges to USB and switches to LiPo when USB is disconnected. There is also a 100K resistor divider to monitor the battery voltage connected to A7.

Comes with an assembled adapter, short connectors to attach your Teensy 3, and standard and stackable connectors so you can use your Teensy in a breadboard and even plug a screen on top. A little soldering is necessary!

Teensy 3.x and LiPoly battery not included!

Product dimensions: 50.8 mm x 22.8 mm x 22.8 mm x 7.3 mm / 2.0" x 0.9" x 0.3" x 0.3

Product weight : 4.3g / 0.2oz

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