Teensy 3.2 MK20DX256 + Headers

Teensy 3.2 MK20DX256 + Headers

Teensy 3.2 MK20DX256 + Headers

ADA 3266


A small card alternative to Arduino with a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 at 72 MHz CPU.

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The Teensy 3.2 card is size reduced and she the breadboards compatible, it was designed by Paul Stoffregen and PJRC. The Teensy 3.2 load a heart to low-cost 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 and it can be programmed with a version adapted to the Arduino IDE or C language. Version 3.2 brings a new regulator 3, 3V accepting a wider input voltage... Version 3.2 is backward compatible to version 3.1, any development for version 3.1 is portable to version 3.2. 

Even if it is based on a 32-bit chip, Teensy 3.2 aims to dramatically increase the computing capacity and peripheral functions, while being as easy to use as the Teensy 2.0.

This product is not an official Arduino product, but the Teensyduino IDE has been adapted so that many projects Arduino fonctionnernt with the Teensy map, but there is still a lot of libraries and shields that will not work with teensy! If you are a novice with microcontrollers, we recommend to use an Arduino Uno classic.


  • CPU 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 at 72 MHz (M4 = DSP extensions) MK20DX256
  • 256K of Flash, 64 K RAM, 2K EEPROM memory
  • 21 * entered analog high-resolution (13 usable bits, 16 bit hardware)
  • 34 * exit (21 shared with analog) digital
  • 12 PWM output 
  • 1 output 12-bit DAC
  • 8 Timers for intervals/delays, separated from the PWM
  • USB with memory dedicated DMA transfer
  • CAN bus 
  • 3 UARTs (serial ports)
  • SPI, I2C, I2S, modulator IR
  • I2S (interface for high-quality audio)
  • Real Time Clock (requires the addition of a quartz 32,768 and a battery)
  • 16-channel DMA (separate from those of the USB)
  • Touch input
  • Sold with two connectors headers 1 X 18


Teensy USB Development Board


Data sheet

Micro-contôroleur - Horloge72 MHz
Flash256 KB
Entrées/Sorties numériques34
Tension logique (GPIO)3,3V et 5V
Entrées analogiques21
Sortie analogique DAC1
Alimentation nominale3,3V
Connectique pour chargementmicro USB


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