CD DVD Spindle Motor

CD DVD Spindle Motor

CD DVD Spindle Motor

ADA 3882


A Spindle engine used in CD/DVD players.

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More info

What's that? What's that? An ant record player? Not at all! It's a Spindle DVD/CD engine, that thing inside a CD or DVD drive, that makes the disc spin very quickly. These motors have great advantages that make them easier to use than 130' DC motors.

    On the one hand, they are usually flat at the end, so you can easily glue them on a flat surface.
    They are well balanced, do not vibrate much, which makes them pleasant and quiet compared to most other engines (they are not totally silent).
    They rotate quickly, about 3500 rpm at full power - controllable in PWM to reduce speed.
    20 mA free operating current, 400mA blocked.
    The motor is calibrated to max. 5.9 V. You can use 3V to 6V DC, speed and torque can vary.
    They already have a plastic hub on them, so it's super easy to attach whatever you want.

It is a motor, so you will need a motor driver to control it. We recommend CRICKIT for easy engine control, but you can also use an Adafruit engine driver for Arduino, Motor HAT for Pi, Motor FeatherWing, L293D, TB6612 or DRV8833.

Technical details

    5.9V max. current
    Motor diameter: ~22mm
    Spindle diameter: 30mm

Product Weight: 22.4g / 0.8oz



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