Mini Geared Pager Motor with Return Spring

Mini Geared Pager Motor with Return Spring

Mini Geared Pager Motor with Return Spring

ADA 3871


A Mini gearmotor with a slightly unusual return spring.

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More info

These are very unusual motors, but we thought they might be useful for projects that require a small downward gear motor. In the centre is a'pager motor' - a small thin DC motor that operates at about 3VDC. This engine is then slowed down inside the red plastic body of the engine. Finally, the exit axle is connected to a plastic triangle with an angled wire return spring. Two plastic stops are integrated outside the motor.

If you keep the plastic triangle attached to the motor, you can swing the motor by applying forward or backward tension. The switch is located approximately 60 degrees from the center (120 degrees total). If you cut the power, the self-centering spring will bring the triangle back to the center.

You can also remove the triangular piece and you get a normal rotary axis that you can use to rotate something small.

As we said, they are unusual engines, but they are also inexpensive and unique - you may find a good use for them!

Technical details

    At rated voltage: DC 3V / Speed: 245 RPM
    No-load current: 45mA Stall current: 380mA
    Rated voltage : 3.7 V / Speed : 300 rpm.
    No-load current: 57mA Stall current: 500mA
    Outer shaft: 3.5 x 3.5mm
    Cords: approx. 330mm
    Weight : 3g


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