Adafruit DotStar FeatherWing - 6 x 12 RGB LEDs

Adafruit DotStar FeatherWing - 6 x 12 RGB LEDs

Adafruit DotStar FeatherWing - 6 x 12 RGB LEDs

ADA 3449


A FeatherWing card with a 6 x 12 LED RGB Dotsatr RGB matrix for your Feather cards

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A Feather card without ambition is a Feather board without FeatherWings! This is the DotStar FeatherWing card, a 6x12 RGB LED expansion module for all Feathers cards! Using our stackable Feather connectors or Feather female connectors, you can connect a FeatherWing to the top or bottom of your Feather card and have your Feather card strut like a peacock in a rave.

Put on your sunglasses before watching these 72 configurable RGB LEDs, they are super bright! Each 2mm by 2mm RGB pixel is individually addressable in a 6x12 matrix. Only two pins are needed to control all LEDs. At the bottom, we have jumpers for the data and clock lines so that you can change default values. Works with any/all of our Feather cards! You can cut the default link paths and use the pins of your choice

To make it easier to start, the LEDs are by default powered either by the USB power line or by the battery power line, whichever is higher. Two Schottky diodes are used to switch between the two. This power configuration is capable of handling 1 Ampere of constant current and possibly 2A peak. It's better for color effects. A power MOSFET is installed and connected to the ENABLE pin on the Feather so that when the Feather is turned off, the Feather card also cuts power.


Dimensions: 50.0mm x 23.0mm x 3.5mm / 2.0" x 0.9" x 0.1".
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Adafruit DotStar LEDs


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