Voltage converter two-way 8-bit - TXB0108

Voltage converter two-way 8-bit - TXB0108

Voltage converter two-way 8-bit - TXB0108

ADA 395


A level converter 8-bit to adapt signals between two assemblies using two different logics.

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Most of the crates as the Arduino works with 5V logic and many recent sensor works them with a logic of 3, 3V. This converter will allow to adapt the signals while protecting the sensor from the tensions too high.

But, if when you hack a simple resistance little enough, this isn't a clean electronic solution. Circuit TXB0108 ets a two-way signal converter that will automatically detect the meaning of dialogue, attention, this circuit does not work in I2C because of the pullup resistance that disrupts the sense auto detection. If you must use pullup resistors, you must use resistance greater than 50KΩ, the internal resistance of the arduino's 100kΩ, so this will be good with the latter.

Attention, do not use with excessive length of cable or to drive a LED, this circuit is sensitive, it is made to work with weak logical signals.

A capacitor 0, 1µF has been added on each of the input voltage references and the OE (Output Enable) pin has a resistance of 10 kΩ pullup.

This product is sold assembled and tested, with two connector header 1 X 16 not welded.


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