Shield screen 2.8 "with slab TFT resistive touchscreen

Shield screen 2.8 "with slab TFT resistive touchscreen

Shield screen 2.8 "with slab TFT resistive touchscreen

ADA 1651


A screen shield 2.8 "touchscreen for your Arduino board.

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Enhance your Arduino with this touchscreen shield projects and its built-in microSD card reader. This screen has a diagonal of 2,8 ", it very bright ets with its 4 white LED backlight and it can display 262000 colors 18 bits in a 1200dpiresolution 240 x 320 pixels. Also of a dale he has touchscreen resistive to detect support of a finger.

It has a slower interface SPI to control the screen of a live address, but requires less pins. The management of the touchscreen ÉTS also in SPI.

The shield is sold assembled and tested, ready to be inserted on an Arduino board. need solder 3 wires to run at full speed on the card Arduino MEGA and Arduino Leonardo.

The screen has a controller that is integrated with a RAM buffer.


  • Screen color 2.8 "resistive touchscreen
  • Meanless of 240 x 320 pixels, with 18-bit, the bookstore Energi 262000 colors uses the 16-bit colors
  • Video controller ILI9341
  • Touch controller STMPE610
  • SPI high speed for the screen and touch
  • The screen uses the pins 13 to 9. The touch controller requires the pin 8. The microSD requires the pin 4. This means that you can use the pins 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 analog 0-5. The pin 4 ets so available if you do not use the micro-SD card.
  • Works with the classic Arduino ATMega328 herbal, need solder 3 wires to work with the Arduino MEGA and Arduino Leonardo via ICSP connector.
  • Regulator 3, 3V 300 my integrated LDOS, consumption of the screen and the touchscreen in nomnal 100mA.
  • 4 LED White Backlight, turned on by default but controllable by PWM via a weld.
  • Touchscreen 4 son connected to the STMPE610 block.


Adafruit 2.8 "TFT Touch Shield v2 - Capacitive or Resistive


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