Bluefruit Shield - Bluetooth WHEAT

Bluefruit Shield - Bluetooth WHEAT

Bluefruit Shield - Bluetooth WHEAT

ADA 2746


A Bluetooth to shield your Arduino board or compatible

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The Bluefruit shield allows it to easily add a Blutooth (Low Energy) connectivity to your Arduino board or compatible. Solder the included connectors and plug. It will add a Bluetooth connection THE through the SPI (MISO and MOSI SCK) liaison with pine Chip Select on D8, the Interruption on D7 and the Reset on D4. You can change these pins to your choice by cutting the circuit in the expected location and welding cables on the pins of your choice.

This multi-function module can do a lot! For most people, they are going to be very happy to use the profile Nordic Standard UART RX / TX. In this profile, the Bluefruit acts as a data channel, which can transmit data transparently to your iOS or Android. You can also use theIOS app or Android App to start sending data from your Arduino in your phone quickly and simply.

The circuit is capable of much more than to send strings of character! Thanks to the AT command set, you have full control over how the system behaves, including the ability to define and manipulate your own GATT Services and Characteristics, or change the way in which the device will warn other devices Bluetooth Low Energy of its presence. You can also use the AT command to query the temperature, check the voltage of the battery, and check the RSSI connection or MAC address, and more. Really, too long to list here!


  • ARM Cortex M0 core clocked at 16 MHz
  • 256 KB flash memory
  • 32KB SRAM
  • Liaison: SPI to 4 MHz with HW IRQ (5 pin required)
  • Inputs compatible 5V - 3, 3V
  • Built-in 3.3 V voltage regulator
  • Bootloader with support for OTA updates
  • AT command set 
  • "The product dimensions: 67.1 mm x 51.7 mm x 10.0 mm / 2.6"x 2.0"x 0.4"
  • Product weight: 15.4 g / 0.5 oz


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