Adafruit GPS Breakout Ultimate - 66 channels 10 Hz - V3

Adafruit GPS Breakout Ultimate - 66 channels 10 Hz - V3

Adafruit GPS Breakout Ultimate - 66 channels 10 Hz - V3

ADA 746


A small module GPS ideal for your electronic assemblies.

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We have a lot of GPS modules in our shop, but sometimes a minimalist design is required. This GPS module is mounted in breakout with only what you need to make it work while remaining quite complete:

  • Sensitivity - 165 dBm / refresh at 10 Hz / 66 channels
  • Compatible 5V 20mA consumption
  • Compatible of the breadboards + two fixing holes
  • Optional RTC battery (support provides but not welded)
  • PPS output
  • Antenna internal integrated patch and uFL for external antenna connector
  • Status LED


This breakout is built around the circuit MTK3339, a GPS module that can follow 22 satellites on 66 channels with a receiver high sensitivity (-165dBm) and an integrated antenna. You can save up to 10 points per seconds at high speed. Its consumption is extremely low with only 20 my during navigation.

On the breakout, there's everything you need to simplify life, including a regulator 3, 3V which can supply GPS with 3, 3V or the 5V. The entries are also protected to accept of the 5V. An ENABLE pin allows to power the module and is a space to receive a CR1220 battery for RTC function and cold start. A status LED is also present, a cligotement at 1 Hz indicates a search for satellites and a flashing every 15 seconds indicates that at least one satellite was hooked (signal FIX). This signal is also output on a pine to light a LED external if necessary.

The module has MTK3339 of a built-in antenna patch with a sensitivity of - 165dBm, but it is also possible to connect an external 3V active antenna with the connector uFL. Automatic detectera the external antenna module and switch on it.

The other advantage of the MTK3339 is that it has an internal datalogging function, it has an internal microcontroller with flash memory. So just send the "Start Logging" function so that the GPS stores data (time, date, Latitude, Longitude and height) every 15 seconds and only if it has a satellite. GPS goes to sleep between two measurement points and it can store up to 16 h of data.

This module is sold assembled and tested with a header 1 X 8 non welded and not welded CR1220 battery support. The CR1220 battery is not provided


  • Satellites: 22 followed with 66 channels
  • The patch antenna size: 15mm x 15mm x 4mm
  • Refresh frequency: 10 Hz
  • GPS accuracy: 3 m
  • Speed precision: 0, 1 m/s
  • Cold start: 34s
  • Acquisition sensitivity:-145dBm
  • Tracking sensitivity:-165 dBm
  • Maximum speed: 515 m/s
  • Power supply: 3v to 5, 5V
  • Consumption: 25 my tracking and 20mA in navigation
  • Output: NMEA1803 at 9600 baud by default
  • DGPS/WAAS/EGNOS support
  • FCC E911 compliance and AGPS support (Offline mode: EPO valid up to 14 days)
  • Up to 210 channels PRN
  • Reduction of interference detection
  • Weight: 8.5 g
  • Dimensions: 25.5 mm x 35 mm x 6.5 mm / 1.0 "x 1.35" x 0.25 "



Arduino library: Adafruit-GPS-Library

Tutorial: Adafruit GPS Ultimate: One GPS to rule them all and in the darkness find them!



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