Micro Servo Tower Pro SG90

Micro Servo Tower Pro SG90

Micro Servo Tower Pro SG90



Small Servo Motor economic

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The Micro Servo Module has a standard connection 3 points.

It is an ideal choice for your Arduino-driven project of robototique and Mechatronics.


The Micro Servo Module consists of an electric motor mechanically linked to a potentiometer. Using the library Servo Library to be able to fly easily this module with an Arduino kit.

The electronics inside the servo-motor turns a PWM pulse in physical position width: when the servo is controlled, the engine will be operated up to the corresponding value of the potentiometer at the required position.

A kit of 3 ends in plastic and a screw is supplied with the sero-engine microphone so you can easily connect it to the mechanical universe.


Modulation: analogue

Force: 4.8V (1.6 kg - cm)

Speed: 4.8V 0.1 sec / 60 °

Weight: 9g

Size: 23mm x 12.2 mm x 29 mm

Angle of rotation: 180 °

Connections: Connector 3 points


Arduino library: http://www.Arduino.cc/en/reference/servo


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