PN532 NFC RFID for Arduino shield

PN532 NFC RFID for Arduino shield

PN532 NFC RFID for Arduino shield

ADA 789


A shield to add a communication RFID/NFD to the Arduino!

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This shield is based on the circuit PN532, a controller that is ideal for reading and writing in the NFC RFID TAG at 13.56 MHz, it estimated used in mobile telephony to communicate avce too phones for mobile payment, and it can emulate a RFID TAG. Although these features are possible with the PN532, current Arduino library allows to read and write in the NFC RFID TAG.

The NFC (Near Field Communication) protocol allows two devices to talk they are close. A kind of bluetooth, but without authentication. It is an extension of the RFID, so everything you can do in RFID, you can do it in NFC.

The shield is compatible with most of the TAG, including the MiFare.

The antenna is integrated in the circuit of the shield, and it has been designed to be ideal ccordee in the 13.56 MHz frequency in a max of 10 cm length.

The PN53 dialogue in I2C or SPI. By default, this ets Protocol I2C which ets is used with the pines A4 and A5. The D2 pin serves as an interruption to detect when an object NFC RFID is within reach. It is possible to change the assignment of this pine and pine trees used for SPI connection.

S.h.i.e.l.d. PN532 ets sold with a connector strip 36 points and a MiFare 1 K card.


  • Size: 2.1 "(53.3 mm) x 4.7" (117.7 mm) and 0.425 "(1.1 mm) thick.
    This card uses the 7-bit I2C address 0 x 48 Protocol



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