Adafruit HalloWing M0 Express

Adafruit HalloWing M0 Express

Adafruit HalloWing M0 Express

ADA 3900


A skull-shaped development card for Halloween!

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Are you the kind of person who doesn't like to remove skeletons and spiders before January? Well, we have the development card for you. It's electronics in all its glory! The Adafruit HalloWing is a skull shaped ATSAMD21 base card with a ton of extras integrated to make it a lovely board to wear, a badge, a development kit, or the engine for your next cosplay.

On the front is a nice TFT 128x128 color 1.44". Our default sample code includes a demo of the sinister eye running, but you can use it for anything you want to display in color.

There are also 4 hook teeth under the screen, they are analog/capacitive touch inputs with large crocodile attachment holes.

On the back is an assortment of electronic goodies:

    ATSAMD21G18 @ 48MHz with 3.3V logic - 256KB FLASH + 32KB RAM
    8 MB of SPI Flash to store images, sounds, animations, anything!
    3-axis accelerometer (motion sensor)
    Light sensor, mounted in reverse so that it points forward
    Mono class D loudspeaker for 4-8 ohms loudspeakers, up to 2 watts, with mini volume jar
    LiPoly battery port with integrated charging capacity
    USB port for charging, programming and debugging the battery
    Two female connecting strips with FeatherWings compatible pinout for connecting any FeatherWings.
    JST ports for Neopixels, sensor input and I2C (you can insert I2C Grove connectors)
    3.3V controller with 500mA peak current output
    Reset button
    On/off switch

Okay, so technically, it's more of a Feather M0 Express than a Wing, but we just couldn't resist the Hallowing pun.

For now, you can use Hallowing in the same way as the Feather M0 Express, it has the same chip although the pins have been rearranged. Both Arduino and CircuitPython support it so you can choose your favorite development language! The extra 8 MB of SPI Flash is perfect for sound effects projects where you want to play up to 3 minutes of WAV files.

On either side of the Hallowing are JST-PH sockets for connecting external devices. The 3-pin JSTs connect to the SAMD21's analog pins, so you can use them for analog inputs. We label one for Neopixel and one for Sensors because we think most people will have one of each. The 4-pin JST connector connects to the I2C port and you can insert Grove connectors for additional hardware support.

Sold without the Lipoly battery! We recommend our 350mAh or 500mAh batteries but any Lipoly 3.7/4.2V will do.

Comes fully assembled and ready to be your scary friend. We install the bootloader UF2 on it in order to update the code and convert it to CircuitPython.

Product Dimensions: 60.0mm x 51.0mm x 11.0mm / 2.4" x 2.0" x 0.4"

Product Weight: 17.5g / 0.6oz


Adafruit Hallowing


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