TFT color 1.8 "with microSD and Joystick shield

TFT color 1.8 "with microSD and Joystick shield

TFT color 1.8 "with microSD and Joystick shield

ADA 802


A shield with a TFT color 1.8 ", joystick navigation and microSD.

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This small shield is the best way to add a small screen color and light to your project. A 1.8 "TFT color display has been incorporated on the shield so q"joystick for navigation and a microSD card reader. This screen uses only 4 pins to communicate in SPI and it has its own image buffer.

1.8 "the display has a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels TFT for more beautiful colors. The driver of the screen is a ST7735R which can display 262144 colors 18 bits.

The shield is sold with the welded screen top with a flex cable, it has its own regulator 3, 3V and an adapter of line 3, 3V/5V to be compatible 5V arduino logic. As he left the space available on the shield, a connector micro SD has been added which allows to easily read images bipmap to part of a formatted in FAT16/FAT32 SD micro card. There is also a navigation joystick 5-way (left, right, bottom, top and selection).

If you want to display text, shapes, lines, pixels, etc... the shield will use the pines 13.11, 10 and 8. To use the joystick for navigation, it will be the pin A3 (five positions have been wired through sresistances) and the micro SD, to use pins 12 and 4 in addition to the classic SPI liaision. This shield is optimized for the Arduino UNO card and compatible, we decopnseillons on the Arduino MEGA cards.

This shield is sold assembled and tested with connector strip 1 X 40 not welded.


TFT LCD of 1.8 "diagonal 
Dimensions: 2.71 "(69mm) X 2.1" (53.5 mm) X 0.27 "(6.94 mm) 
Resolution: 128 x 160, 18-bit (262144 colors)
Controller ST7735R with pixel-addressable video RAM buffer
Interface: SPI 
Slot microSD need 2 additional pins
Compatible 5V: use with Arduino in logic 3, 3V or 5V
Regulator 3, integrated 3V 
With 2 white LED backlight, connected to transistos. Turned on by default but it is possible to connect them to a PWM pin to vary the brightness or turn it off.
Consumption is mainly based on the backlight, with backlight to 100%, consumption is approximately 100mA, this does not include consumption of micro SD card which is from 20 to 100 Ma read/write.


1.8 "TFT Display Breakout and Shield


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