Adafruit MiniBoost 5V - 100mA Charge Pump - AP3602A

Adafruit MiniBoost 5V - 100mA Charge Pump - AP3602A

Adafruit MiniBoost 5V - 100mA Charge Pump - AP3602A

ADA 3661


A MiniBoost not too powerful for small power supplies.

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This adorable little circuit will be very handy every time you need a small amount of 5V. It's the size of a linear regulator, but it's actually a mini booster! 3V input on one side, and 5V up to 100mA power supply on the other side. Perfect for battery-powered projects with 2 or 3 alkaline batteries or a single lithium battery. For large projects, you may need a PowerBoost card that can provide 500mA-2A of power.

This booster uses a topology of charge pump, which makes it very compact and economical. But it is not as efficient as a choke-on-converter. The charging pumps always double the input voltage and then adjust downwards. Ideal for cases where you don't count the coulombs - or when your current print run is not terribly high.

This breakout is fully assembled with an AP3602A with a non-welded connector. Power the 3-5VDC power supply to the IN and ground pins. Then you will have 5V on the OUT pin. The enabling pin can be pulled down to deactivate the output.


  • Product dimensions: 15.0mm x 10.0mm x 3.0mm / 0.6" x 0.4" x 0.1".

  • Product weight: 0.6g / 0.0oz



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