Adafruit CP2104 Friend - USB/TTL Series Converter

Adafruit CP2104 Friend - USB/TTL Series Converter

Adafruit CP2104 Friend - USB/TTL Series Converter

ADA 3309


A USB TTL Series CP2104 based TTL converter

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A lot of time has passed since parallel and serial ports. Now USB ports dominate the world! But USB is complicated if you want to transfer data from a microcontroller to a computer. Fortunately the Adafruit CP2104 Friend is here!

The CP2104 is a USB/Series converter circuit that can work at speeds up to 2MBits/sec. It also has an automatic RESET mode, so there is no need to take the lead with cabling and support of a RESET. The CP2104 has a better driver than the CH340 and can work at high speeds, even variable with no stability problems. Compared to the FT232RL and FT231X, it is equivalent or better and at a better price. This module has RX and TX LEDs, which will flash during a transfer, ideal for debugging.

The default connector complies with the FTDI standard, the 6th pin is an RTS, the POWER output is 5V and the signals are 3.3V (it is also compatible with 5V, which makes it possible to work with most systems in 3,3V and 5V). It works perfectly with the Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32 or any FTDI standard system.

The module also has MODEM control pins on the sides in case of: DTR, RI, DSR, etc.

Each module is sold assembled and tested with a non-welded male connector and an angled female connector. You can use it on breadbord or as an FTDI cable.

No driver needed for MAC and LINUX. For WIndows, the driver is available directly on Windows Update.
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