DC & Stepper Motor for Raspberry PI HAT

DC & Stepper Motor for Raspberry PI HAT

DC & Stepper Motor for Raspberry PI HAT

ADA 2348


A hat to control DC motors and stepper with your Raspbery PI.

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Let your robotic dream become true with this new DC & Stepper Motor HAT to Raspberry PI. This product is ideal to add the movement with a raspberry PI card control, you can control up to 2 stepper motors or 4 DC motors with a PWM speed control.

The raspberry PI card and drivers are not included.

As raspberry PI card lacks large output PWM, a complete circuit of PWM management has been integrated on this hat to control the speed and direction of rotation of the engine. This circuit uses a binding I2C 2 sons (SDA and SCL) allows to control several motors and it is even possible to put several HATs. 

Until ' 32 HATs can be stacked, which allows to control up to 64 stepper motors or 128 DC motors, this requires solder a stacking connector.

Engines are flown with a MOSFET TB6612 until driver' to 1.2 per channel (max 3 A pic pendat 20ms), it much better than a L293D ets as it has in addition to return built-in diode.

A polarity FET protection is also present on the power part and the hat has a prototyping area. All cards are sold assembled and tested without the 2 x 20 supplied connectors but not welded.


  • 4 X H TB6612 bridge up to 1.2 A per channel with thermal protection and diode integrated return
  • Can drive motors DC 4, 5V at 13, 5V
  • Up to 4 DC motors with PWM 8-bit for speed (0.5% resolution)
  • Up to 2 Motors step by step unipolar or bipolar, simple coil or double coil, micro-spepping.
  • Big terminal block screw to connect the cable 18-26 AWG (engines and power)
  • Protection of polarity on power supply 5V to 12V DC with Terminal block screws and jumper
  • Works perfectly with the model Raspberry A +, B +, FT2 and ft3, possible with the model A and B with a connector 2 X 13.
  • Python library is provided.


Adafruit DC and Stepper Motor HAT for Raspberry Pi


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