Shield RAMPS 1.4 SB Premium

Shield RAMPS 1.4 SB Premium

Shield RAMPS 1.4 SB Premium



The famous map RAMPS dedicated to 3D printing, but in Premium quality 1.4.

Guarantee of quality This product is an official product of the brand Static Boards

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S.h.i.e.l.d. RAMPS 1.4 SB Premium is a shield dedicated to achieve 3D printers, it is from the RepRap community as Mendel or Prusa printers, and many others. The RAMPS shield connects to map Arduino MEGA with all of the extensions necessary to the cockpit of a 3D printer.

This version is different from the Chinese models found on the market, because it was designed in Spain with quality components, protection diodes in order to make this more robust map for long hours of 3D printing.

AA level of the prncipales improvement, we find:

  • The power connector is a MOLEX supporting up to 15A.
  • The MOSFETS are the Toshiba TK72E12N1 suport 70A and 178 to with 120V voltage, but with a low resistance and so they heat very little, the use of cooling fan is unnecessary.
  • Extrude it and bed sometimes return a return current, which can damage the electronic circuit, 1N5819 schottky diodes have been added in protection on each power exit.


Sold assembled and tested without the Arduino Mega card and the drivers for stepper motor.


  • It connects to the Arduino Mega 2560
  • Compatible with the drivers for stepper motors Pololu A4988. You can connect up to 5 drivers.
  • Power Molex 15 Amp connectors
  • Three power with Toshiba MOSFET outputs (bed warm, extruder, a fan or second extruder)
  • All the power outputs are protected Schottky Diode 1N5819
  • It allows the double extrudeusion
  • Protected by a Resettable fuse 5A
  • Independent fuse circuit 11 has protected by another reseteabe in the warm bed
  • 3 conecteur Thermistors
  • 6 connectors for contact of limits
  • I2C and SPI output
  • Possibility to connect a LCD
  • Outputs for additional connections and servos
  • You can directly connect 2 Motors Z
  • Blue LED
  • All the plates are tested before being sent


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