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MPL115A2 barometric-temperature pressure sensor

MPL115A2 barometric-temperature pressure sensor

MPL115A2 barometric-temperature pressure sensor

ADA 992

5 2

A sensor pressure barometric at low cost in i2C compatible 5V and 3, 3V.

Guarantee of quality This product is an official product of the brand Adafruit

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This pressure from Freescale sensor is a solution at low prices for Grand barometric pressure. With a resolution of 1, 5hPa, it is not as accurate as the BMP085 pressure sensor which has a precision of 0.03 hPa, so that is why we do not offer it to measure altitude. On the other hand, it's good enough for basic measures of barometric pressure. The sensor is welded on a PCB with a resistance of 10 kΩ pullup.

This tour offers of an eplage of power between 2, 4V and 5, 5V, which is that it can be used with a 5V logic or 3V3. The dialogue is carried out through an I2C link.


Weight: 0.61 g
Wine: 2.4 to 5.5 VDC
Logic: compatible 3V2 or 5V 
Beach d emesure: - 500 to 1150 hPa (up to a summer of 10 Km)
Resolution: 1.5 hPa / 50 m 
This circuit uses the 7-bit I2C address 0 x 60


Library and example for Arduino: Adafruit_MPL115A2



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