Breakout MCP4725 - 12-bit I2C DAC

Breakout MCP4725 - 12-bit I2C DAC

Breakout MCP4725 - 12-bit I2C DAC

ADA 935


A small module to generate an analogue signal via an I2C link.

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Your micro-contreleur is able to acquire an analog signal from a converter analog digital (CAN or ADC) but he cannot generate an analog signal from a digital (NAC or DAC) signal, now, with this little module, it is possible. It includes a small DAC 12 bits controllable MCP4725 in I2C, it suufit to provide the value that you want to output and the voltage is generated on the VOUT pin.

The pine ADDR is out, it is possible to connecer two Breakout MCP4725 modules on the same I2C-bus by connecting pin ADDR of a module to a pull-up. Sold assembled and tested with a connector strip 1 X 6 not welded. The module works in logic 3, 3V or 5V.

Some features to know: for the microcontroller with an I2C Fast Mode bus to 3? 4 Mbps (this is not the case of the arduino), it is possible to adjust the Vout to 200 kHz. the module has an EEPROM to store a tension that will be generated at the start cycle. The output is proportional to the input voltage, so if you feed him 3, 3V, you have a Vout between 0V and 3, 3V and if you feed him in 5V, Vout will be between 0V and 5V.


This card uses the I2C address 0 x 0 or 62 63 depending on the pine ADDR


Tutorial for arduino: MCP4725 12 - Bit DAC Tutorial

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