AM2320 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

AM2320 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

AM2320 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

ADA 3721


A low cost I2C digital temperature and humidity sensor.

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This small sensor looks a lot like the popular DHT11/DHT22 temperature and humidity sensors, but unlike conventional DHT sensors, it has an I2C interface! That's right, you don't need to use a specific protocol to talk to the AM2320, it uses I2C. Makes things a little easier, doesn't it?

But! We will let you know, this sensor is not as well documented as our other I2C temperature and humidity sensors. The data sheet says it has a humidity accuracy of 3% and a temperature accuracy of 0.5°C, but we don't trust the specifications very much. So, although this sensor seems to work, it is not recommended for anything where you care deeply about guaranteed accuracy. The temperature is probably correct at 2-3 degrees Celsius. The humidity is probably between 5 and 10%.

That said, for IoT projects, you can't beat simplicity and price! And we have examples of Arduino code and CircuitPython ready to use to use it.

Each order comes with an AM2320, a low cost temperature and humidity sensor. You will need any microcontroller that can run our Arduino or CircuitPython library, and two I2C pull-up resistors (not included).


Standard I2C and 1-Wire signal (note we haven't tried 1-Wire)
Signal transmission distance up to 20 meters
I2C interface (address 0x5c)
Tolerance 3.3 V / 5 V
0.1 C / % RH (relative humidity) resolution (+/- 0.5 C, 3% RH)
Product Dimensions: 22.5mm x 12.0mm x 4.7mm / 0.9" x 0.5" x 0.5" x 0.2".
Product Weight: 1.1g / 0.0oz


Adafruit AM2320 Sensor



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