Module Mini fan - Grove



This module consists of a fan motor and its controller as Grove.

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The Grove Mini fan module is a controller of motor based ATMega168 pre-loaded with a program it is possible to change with a module UartSBee or via the ISP connector. This module has a connector 3 points to drive a servo-motor, but it will achieve a dedicated code.

This module is a bit different from the other modules Grove because it manages the power, we recommend to connect directly to an Arduino or basic Shield card and we recommend to use an external as a power module module Grove DC Jack Power or a Grove USB Power module.

Simply connect a sensor to the standard grove to trigger the rotation of the motor, as for example with a Grove - light sensor, a sound detector Grove, a GroveBouton push or a Grove - straight potentiometer.

The grove standard cable is provided with this module.


  • Compatible Grove interface for the entry
  • Connector JST 2 points for the engine.
  • Sold with the engine, the mini fan and a cable grove 4 points.


Documentation of the Mini fan Module - Grove: Grove - Mini Fan

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