Mini Pan - Tilt Kit assembles with servos

Mini Pan - Tilt Kit assembles with servos

Mini Pan - Tilt Kit assembles with servos

ADA 1967

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A small pan tilt ideal to direct a camera.

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This mini Pan-Tilt will allow you to direct your camera or another, in almost all directions with only two servo-motors. The Mini Pan - Tilt Kit is sold assembled with the two servo-motors. He can turn on 180 ° and switch of from front to back on 150 °. A free surface of 38mm by 36mm planned ets pure fix a camera or a sensor.

"As the servo motors are standard, it is very simple to fly this avce kit a simple map Arduino and with the bookstore"Arduino Servo Librairy"


  • Base size: 37mm x 33mm x 3mm / 1.5 "x 1.3" x 0.1 "
  • Separation of the fixing holes: 30mm x 26mm / 1.2 "x 1"
  • Height upright (zero tilt): 67mm / 2.6 "
  • Media size: 38mm x 36mm / 1.5 "x 1.4"
  • Weight: 37g


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