Shield LCD 16 x 2 for Arduino

Shield LCD 16 x 2 for Arduino

Shield LCD 16 x 2 for Arduino



A shield LCD to display information with your Arduino board.

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The LCD to Arduino shield allows an Arduino board to view information on a LCD screen with white text on blue backlight.

5 push buttons allow the implementation of projects where the menus are displayed on the LCD and the selections are made by the pressure of the keys, each numbered 1 to 5.

Has shield to a potentimoetre used for adjusting the contrast of the screen and there is also a RESET button to reset the Arduino board.

Map has stackable connector which allows to share signals not used by it.

The LCD uses the controller SPLC780D and has 2 line 16 characters.


Here are the lists used by LCD shield pins:

  • 7: RS - select Register
    6: E - Enable
    5: D4 - High 4-bit data
    4: D5 - High 4-bit data
    3: D6 - High 4-bit data
    2: D7 - 4-bit High data
    A0: Analog Input for buttons


This product is easy to use with a Arduino board

To use this display, you can use the LiquidCrystal library:



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