Adafruit Wide-Range Triple-axis Magnetometer - MLX90393

Adafruit Wide-Range Triple-axis Magnetometer - MLX90393

Adafruit Wide-Range Triple-axis Magnetometer - MLX90393

ADA 4022


An ideal magnetometer for measuring a magnetic field on 3 axes.

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Measure the invisible magnetic fields that surround us with this long-range magnetometer. The MLX90393 is a wide range magnetic field sensor, which can measure 16 bits in ranges from ±5mT to ±50mT in all 3 axes.

Compared to most magnetometers, this gives a huge range, which makes it excellent for detecting magnets and magnetic orientation, rather than the Earth's magnetic field. (Magnets have a much stronger field strength that exceeds most magnetometers that would normally be used for orientation to the North Pole.)

For ease of use, we have placed this tiny sensor on a breakout card, with a 3.3 V power supply and a level adapter. This makes it easy to use with any 3 or 5V microcontroller. Our Arduino and CircuitPython code will allow you to start in no time at all, with I2C communication to the sensor. You will read these Gauss in a few minutes! With the address selection pins, you can have up to 4 sensors on an I2C bus.

Delivered as a fully assembled board and tested with a solder connector.

Technical specifications

The MLX90393 has the following main technical specifications:

    16-bit output on all three axes of the magnetic field sensor (XYZ)
    An exceptionally wide dynamic range from 5 to 50 mT (1 mT or millitesla = 10 G or Gauss).
    In comparison, the LSM303DLHC saturates at +/-8.1 G (0.81 mT) at maximum range.
    Sampling rate up to ~500 Hz (Based on OSR=0, DIG_FILT=2, HALLCONF=0xC for 1.84ms conversion time. See 15.1.5 HALLCONF[3:0] in the data sheet for more details.)
    User-adjustable I2C address to allow multiple sensors to be present in your project (two I2C ADDR pins for four possible I2C addresses).

Product dimensions: 23.0 mm x 19.2 mm x 2.8 mm / 0.9" x 0.8" x 0.1" x 0.1

Product weight : 1.5g / 0.1o


MLX90393 Wide-Range 3-Axis Magnetometer


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