MMA8451 - Accelerometer 3 axes

MMA8451 - Accelerometer 3 axes

MMA8451 - Accelerometer 3 axes

ADA 2019


Map breakout at base of 3 accelerometer axis MMA8451 2/4 / 8g @ 14 - bit

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This breakout comprent card 3 accelerometer axis MMA8451, which features a 14-bit ADC, this makes it the ideal tools to detect an orientation, a tilt or even a movement. This accelerometer has several beaches of detection of ±2g to ±8g, and it features an I2C link ideal to connect your Arduino, Raspberry PI or other with the I2C card.

The MMA8451 is a truly miniature from Freescale accelerometer, so it is often used in games, mobile applications and even smart watches.

Share the use of a digital analog converter 14 bit (ADC), it is one of the most accurate of the series MMA8451/MMA8452/MMA8453 from Freescale. It has an internal sensor tilt and orientation, which is ideal for detecting the oriention in landscape mode or portrait quickly, or the little forwards or backwards.



  • 3D games
  • motion detection
  • Robotics
  • Navigation


  • 3 - 5V supply voltage
  • Dimensions 21mm x 18mm x 2mm
  • Weight 1.3 g 


Manual of the MMA8451 breakout: Adafruit MMA8451 Accelerometer Breakout

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