Accelerometer LIS3DH 3-axis (+ - 2g / 4g / 8g / 16g)

Accelerometer LIS3DH 3-axis (+ - 2g / 4g / 8g / 16g)

Accelerometer LIS3DH 3-axis (+ - 2g / 4g / 8g / 16g)

ADA 2809


An accelerometer 3 axes with SPI or I2C liiason economic.

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The LIS3DH circuit is an accerometre very popular 3-axis. It is economic ets has some additional features:

  • Sensitivity on 3 axes with 10-bit precision
  • Scale selectable ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g
  • I2C or SPI interface
  • Output stops
  • Multiple raw output of 1 kHz to 5 kHz
  • Low consumption, 2µA
  • Detection of the Tap, Double Tap, Detection of orientation and free fall.
  • 3 additional analog inputs

The sensor communicates through an i2c or SPI bus. On the I2C bus, it is possible to connect two accelerometer on the bus me with a selection of the address with juper weldable.

The circuit has a are own regulator 3, 3V and line adapter, it can operate in 5V and 3, 3V.


  • Size: 20.62 mm x 20.32 mm x 2.6 mm / 0.8 "x 0.8" x 0.1 "
  • Weight: 1.5 g


Adafruit LIS3DH Triple-Axis Accelerometer Breakout



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