Rotating Door Lock DC Motor

Rotating Door Lock DC Motor

Rotating Door Lock DC Motor

ADA 3881


A DC motor for operating a door locking mechanism

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In addition to our collection of somewhat specialized motors, this rotary door lock motor is a DC gearbox motor with a small notch that is intended for a door mechanism. The motor only rotates 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise and will stall if you try to keep it rotating beyond the angle.

It is oriented downwards so that it has a high torque, but this also slows it down - it takes about 5 seconds for it to turn'closed' or'open'. That being said, we like that you can power it from about 5V so that it is easy to connect to your microcontroller.

Built with four mounting holes and runs silently. We no longer have any specifications or documentation for this beast.

Rated voltage: 5 VDC
No-load current: 30mA
Stall current: 400mA
Transmission ratio: Approx. 1:2000
Weight: 60 g
Cables: about 70mm long


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