TT Motor Encoder (Pack of 2)

TT Motor Encoder (Pack of 2)

TT Motor Encoder (Pack of 2)

ADA 3782


An encoder to know the rotation speed of your TT motor.

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Plastic gear motors (also known as'TT' motors) are an easy and inexpensive way to get your projects moving. They are inexpensive, durable and easy to use. The concern for these low-cost engines is that they have no way of knowing their speed or location. Basically, we send tension and start the rotation. The very expensive motors have built-in encoders, and for these TT motors, we now have simple ratchet encoder wheels.

This TT motor encoder is strong, but thin, so it won't make your robot bulky.

Are they laser cut stainless steel? No. Do they have multiple gray code slots? No. But what they have is black injection molded plastic that snaps onto the "opposite" end of your wheel. With a simple photo sensor switch to count tick, you can know the speed of your wheel, but not the direction of rotation.

Each order comes with two encoders.

Note: This encoder is only intended for use with'TT' DC motors, it has an oval notch that engages directly into the gearbox.

    Diameter: 25.75mm / 1".
    Thickness: 2.55mm / .1".
    Weight : 1g


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