Adafruit ATSAMD09 Breakout with seesaw

Adafruit ATSAMD09 Breakout with seesaw

Adafruit ATSAMD09 Breakout with seesaw

ADA 3657


A very practical card to add extensions from the I2C.

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Adafruit seeaw is a near-universal conversion framework that allows you to add and extend hardware support to any I2C-capable microcontroller or PC. Instead of separately obtaining GPIO I2C expanders, ADCs, PWM drivers, etc., the seesaw card can be configured to give a wide range of capabilities.

For example, the SAMD09 breakout with seesaw gives you

    3 ADC inputs 12 bits
    3 PWM outputs 8 bits
    7 x GPIO with pullup or pulldown selectable
    1 x NeoPixel output (up to 340 pixels)
    1 x EEPROM with 64 bytes of NVM memory (easy to store access tokens or MAC addresses)
    1 x Interruption of the output that can be triggered by all accessories
    2 x I2C address selection pins
    1 x Activity LEDs

But you can reprogram and reconfigure the chip to have more or less of each device - as long as it fits into the ATSAMD09D14 firmware! For example, there is also a UART converter but it is not included in the default firmware.

The ATSAMD09 is ideal for developing rocker scale capabilities (we use it internally for our design work) or you can use it as is to give your Raspberry Pi or ESP8266 more hardware support! Each breakout is delivered with the assembled and tested board, as well as a few non-welded connectors.

Please note: Cards are not delivered with a bootloader. If you want to do development on seesaw (e. g. change the configuration) you will need a J-Link and we recommend a SWD adapter. At the moment the project is for Atmel Studio but you could probably make it work with arm gcc and a Makefile. Adafruit does not provide support for custom built seesaw buildings - we think it's cool and useful for the Maker community!


    Uses I2C address 0x49 - can be changed to 0x4A, 0x4B or 0x4C
    Product dimensions: 32.0mm x 12.0mm x 3.5mm / 1.3" x 0.5" x 0.1".
    Product weight: 1.6g / 0.1oz


Adafruit seesaw


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