Grove Wrapper - 1 X 2 Green - Pack of 4

Grove Wrapper - 1 X 2 Green - Pack of 4

Grove Wrapper - 1 X 2 Green - Pack of 4



An envelope of protection 1 X 2 for green Grove modules

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Grove - Wrapper is a kind of envelope to fix and protect the Grove modules. It will save you a lot of work on the alignment of your modules, and it will be easy for you to show your project. For example, it will be easier to take pictures to show your product on the Internet, and it will give a clear and clean scene if you use the Grove - Wrappert.

In addition, it is fixable on the Lego and other mechanical parts, the mechanical design of Grove - Wrapper facilitates also the assembling and disassembling of modules.Note that approximately 85% of all Grove modules are supported by Grove - Wrapper.

  • Quick-release to replace the Grove modules easily.
  • Always keep your security project.
  • Semi-open space, no interruption to use modules Grove.
  • Compatible with Lego and Makeblock modules that will make your adaptable and interesting project.
  • The bracket is attached by screws (M2, M4).
  • Conncetables between them like the Lego modules.
  • Colorful packaging.


  • Size: 50 × 25 × 13 mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Green


Grove - Wrapper


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