Pack of 5 LED 5mm Diffused NeoPixel

Pack of 5 LED 5mm Diffused NeoPixel

Pack of 5 LED 5mm Diffused NeoPixel

ADA 1938


A pack of 5 LEDs Neopixel 5 mm Diffused with cockpit series.

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These NeoPixel 5mm LEDS are like the NeoPixel LED on the LED strips but in a more traditional format. They are directly usable on a breadboard, and it requires only a single thread to control more than a hundred led. They are similar in format to the RGB LED but instead of driving each color channel, they have a controller with a fast PWM internally 24 bit.

This model is the "Diffused" version with a depolie envelope.

Feed them in 5V and mount in series them, by connecting the output of the first entry of the next and so on. Very easy to fly with a card dedicated library and Arduino.


  • Weight: 0.3 g
  • Sold with a circuit WS2812B or SK6812 depending on the arrivals. (same characteristics)


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