Adafruit GPS FeatherWing Ultimate

Adafruit GPS FeatherWing Ultimate

Adafruit GPS FeatherWing Ultimate

ADA 3133


A GPS module for Feather maps.

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Give your card with this Ultimate GPS FeatherWing Feather a position sensor. In 2013, Adafruit has designed the Ultimate GPS module to meet most of the needs in GPS, and now, they adapted for the series of the Feather maps. This FeatherWing is just plugue on a map Feather and allows to obtain a precise and sensitive GPS position while in low consumption. In addition, this module allows to keep an accurate clock synchronized to the time of satellites.

Here are a few carcateristiques:

  • -165 dBm sesibilite with updates at 10 Hz and up to 66 channels.
  • Only 20 my consumption
  • Module integrated with battery backup RTC (not provided)
  • Integrated Datalogging mode
  • Exit PPS (Pulse per second) on a pin
  • Built-in patch antenna and connector uFL for external antenna
  • Status LED

The Wing is designed from the MTK3339 chipset, a GPS module integrated high quality able to follow 22 satellite units on 66 channels, with a great (-165 dBm sensitivity) receiver and an antenna. It can provide 10 rentals by seconds at high speed, and m ^ me the login. Consumption is extremely low with only 20mA during navigation.

The MTK3339 circuit has an external antenna connector. Even though it has an antenna patch integrated with a sensitivity of - 165dBm, you can connect a differnent big antenna active 3V from the uFL connector. The module will automatically detect if an antenna is connected and will switch on.

A few features have been added as a FET which allows to genreer the power supply via an ENABLE pin, which allows you to turn on or turn off the module to save energy, a folded CR1220 support to conserve time RTC and allows a starting hot. A status led is also present, she flashes at 1 Hz when searching for satellites, and flashes every 15 seconds when the module has acroche at least 1 satellite.

The module is sold assembled and tested with no welded connectors. Battery CR1220 was not provided.


  • Satellites: 22 followed, 66 channels
  • The Patch Antenna dimension: 15mm x 15mm x 4mm
  • Actualisatiuon frequency: from 1 to 10 Hz
  • Precisson in position: < 3 meters (like all GPS standard)
  • Precision in speed: 0.1 m/s
  • Cold/warm start: 34 seconds
  • Acquisition sensitivity:-145 dBm
  • Tracking sensitivity:-165 dBm
  • Maximum speed: 515 m/s
  • The MTK3339 consumption: 25mA in follow-up, 20 my navigation
  • Output: NMEA 0183, 9600 baud by default
  • DGPS/WAAS/EGNOS supported
  • Compatible FCC E911 and AGPS support support (Offline mode: EPO valid up to 14 days)
  • Up to 210 channels PRN 
  • Detection and reduced interference
  • Detection and sympathy of the Multi-path
  • Weight (without battery): 8.8 g
  • Dizes: 22.9 mm x 51.2 mm x 6.7 mm / 0.90 "x 2.02" x 0.26 "


Adafruit Ultimate GPS featherwing


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