Tinkerkit Braccio



A robotic arm controlled by Arduino!

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Debolquer the possibilities of Robotics robotic arm Braccio eavec! You can assemble it different possibilities for use of the manbiere that it you please. Due to its modularity, you can stand all kinds of objects to the end of the arm as for example: A camera, a mobile phone or a Tablet, or a solar panel to follow the Sun.

The robotic arm Braccio Tinkerkit is sold as a kit and requires Assembly. An installation guide is included in the kit. After Assembly, you can align the engines by launching the skit called testBraccio90 in the examples of Braccio and after you play with.

It is recommended to feed the card via a Jack connector with a 5VDC 5A power supply included in the kit. The card has a regulator that will protect the Bracco Shield. This was not compatible with the Arduino as a 3V card Arduino YUN.

TinkerKit Braccio hustle an Arduino as card Arduino UNO, not included in the kit.

Composition of the kit:

  • 21 X parts plastic
  • 63 X screws
  • 16 X washers
  • 7 X hex nuts
  • 2 X springs
  • Servo: 2 X SR 311, SR 431 X
  • 1 X Arduino Braccio Shield
  • 1 X 5V power supply has
  • 1 X screwdriver footprint type Phillips
  • 1 X Doucle hex key
  • 1 X Spanish cable protection


  • Weight: 792g
  • Maximum range (range): 80 cm
  • Maximum height: 52 cm
  • The base width: 14 cm
  • The clamp width: 90mm
  • Cable length: 40 cm
  • Load capacity: 150g to 32cm, 400g with the configuration in the Braccio mini


Arduino Tinkerkit Braccio



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