Electric 12VDC - solenoid lock

Electric 12VDC - solenoid lock

Electric 12VDC - solenoid lock

ADA 1512


A 12VDC solenoid-based electric lock to lock a door.

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Solenoids are electromagnets: they are composed of a large coil of copper shape with a frame (a metal core) in their Center. When the coil is powered, the nucleus is attracted to the center of the coil. This allows the solenoid to move.

This solenoid is particularly robust, its metal core has one end with a sloped cut and a good mounting bracket. This makes a lock electric, ideal for a closet or a door. Basic, the lock is active without power, when a voltage of 9VDC to 12VDC, activates the lock and the door can be opened.

It is possible to turn the strike of 90 °, 180 ° or 270 ° to suit your application by opening the housing with a screwdriver cruxiforme.

Attention, to control a solenoid, you need a good diet that can provide 500mA, do not fly this lock electronic directly with a micro-controller as an Arduino board, but it will use a power transistor and a diode see this diagram: solenoid_driver.PDF



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