Micro-Switch Premium Zippy

ADA 817


A Zippy Premium micro-switch for making limit switches or other applications.

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Micro-switches are often used in arcade buttons and joysticks, but they are also used in mechatronic projects such as basic or end-of-travel sensors. They can be used as a "tactile" function (the pleasant clic ets function) or as a "contactor" (the contact is closed when pressed and opens when released).

I is a Zippy Premium mcro-switch for arcade and robotics. Recommended use is with 30VDC and 250mA max.
Features & Features

    Frequency of use (mechanical): 120 operations/min.
    Frequency of use (electrical): 5A-10~30 operations/min
    Contact resistance (initial): 100m?
    Insulation resistance (at 500VDC): 100M?
    Dielectric force (50-60Hz): 1000VAC RMS
    Storage temperature: -25°C to 85°C
    Storage humidity: at 40°C, Max. 85% HR (Max.)
    Service life (mechanical): Min. 10,000,000 operations
    Life span (electrical): 5A - Min. 10,000 operations

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