Silicone - SPW2430 MEMS microphone

Silicone - SPW2430 MEMS microphone

Silicone - SPW2430 MEMS microphone

ADA 2716


A miniature MEMS microphone for your audio editing.

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A MEMS microphone is similar to an Electret microphone except that it requires no amplifier, everything is incorporated in the MEMS SPW2430 module. It is so small, low-cost and has a microphone that can pick up sound 100 Hz to 10 kHz, which is sufficient to record the voice or make a sound detection.

This breakout is ideal to carry out your projects of voice changer, recorder of voice, or your recatifs to the sound projects using the FFT. To keep this little product, only a 3V regulator was added to power the MEMS and the filter capacitors. No amplifier is necessary and the open-circuit voltage is 0, 67V and 100mVpp (peak-to-peak) when it comes close to the microphone. 1Vpp voltage (peak-to-peak) will be present at the presence of a sound strong.

usage is very simple, simply supply the module between the mass to GND, and WINE between 3V and 5V. For best quality use the cleanest blood (3, 3V on Arduino) .the output audio will be on the pin DC with a component continuous at 0, 67V and in AC output AC which has a 10µF capacitor in series.

The output pin OUT is not designed to drive a speaker directly, you need to use an amplifier as Audio amp class D Stereo 3, 7W - MAX98306. If you use the ADC to a microcontroller, don't worry, you can directly connect the DC pin on the analog input of your microcontroller.


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