Adafruit Servo Shield 12-bit PWM I2C 16

Adafruit Servo Shield 12-bit PWM I2C 16

Adafruit Servo Shield 12-bit PWM I2C 16

ADA 1411


A shield that allows to control up to 12 servo motors or PWM LED.

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You want to make a robot, as a hexapod, or a project requiring a lot of servo motors? Do you want to fly several LEDS into PWM? And your arduino card lacks enough output PWM? This shield is made for you, as it has 12 outputs PWM to control servo-motors or the LED with a 12-bit precision. In addition this shield uses an i2C with only two pines (SDA and SCL) necessary affair, which allows to use it further other shields without monopolizing too much pine.

This shield has a selectable address by welding, which allows to use up to 62 shields generating total 996 PWM outputs. It possible to use other sensors or eripherique I2C that does not use the base address 0 x 40.

Based on the PCA9685 circuit here is some advantage:

  • It has an internal clock, you do not have to provide a PWM value permanently, once home, remember the chip and continued to vary the output.
  • Compatible 5V, but it was possible to fly from an Arduino board with 3V3 without danger signals,
  • 6 addresses selectable to chain 62 shields.
  • Adjustable PWM frequency 1,6 kHz
  • 12 bits of resolution per channel, is a period of 4µS at 60 Hz
  • Configurable in push-pull or open-drain output.

Extras present on the shield:

  • Possibility to use a Terminal screw for the external power supply (supplies)
  • Protection of polarity on the screw terminals.
  • Two LED of presense of voltage (VDC and + V)
  • Block of 3 pins per channel to directly connect a servo-motor, the blocks are regrouppe by 4.
  • Possibility to use curved connectors to be able to stack several cards (not provided)
  • Oving to weld a big capacitor on line V + if needed.
  • 220Ω resistors are soldered into each output PWM to protect them and to be able to drive LEDS directly.
  • Jumper weldable to select the address of the shield.
  • Prototyping area free to add what you want.

The product is sold assembled and tested with:

  • 4 X 4 x 3 connectors for connecting the servo motors or LED
  • 1 X terminal block screw 2 points for external power supply.
  • 1 X Conecteur stip 36 point for the shield part.


  • Dimensions (without the headers and the screw terminals: 2.1 "x 2.7" x 0.1 "(54mm x 70mm x 3mm))
  • This I2C card use 7-bit addresses between 0 x 60 - 0x80, selectable by soldering jumper
  • Documentation:

  • Adafruit 16-channel PWM/Servo Shield.



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