Force round sensor - Sensitive Resistance (FSR) Interlink 402

Force round sensor - Sensitive Resistance (FSR) Interlink 402

Force round sensor - Sensitive Resistance (FSR) Interlink 402

ADA 166


A resistive sensor round to measure a force, a weight or physical pressure.

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The FSR sensor allows you to detect a physical pressure, one clutching or a weight. They are very simple to use and cost-effective. This model is a sensor Interlink model 402 FSR with 1/2 diameter of sensitive region.

The fSR sensor are essentially a resistance that will vary depending on the amount of force applied on the sensor. As these sensors are quite economical and easy to use, their accuracy is less and it can vary from 10% between two sensors.

This sensor is manufactured in a very delicate material, we must take great care when we the used. It is better to use a bredboard, a connector female where to connect crocodile clips. S i you try a weld, it will be very fast at the risk of melting plastic and you must have a quality soldering iron. Do not attempt to weld directly on your FSR unless you are absolutely sure that you have the skills to do so.


  • Length: 56.77 mm / 2.35in
    Width: 18.48 mm / 0.73in
    Thickness: 0.55 mm / 0.02in
    Weight: 0.26 g / 0.01 oz


Force (lb)Force (N)FSR Resistance
(FSR + R) Ω
Current thru FSR + R
Voltage across R
0 my
0.04 lb0.2 N
40 KΩ
0.13 my
1.3 V
0.22 lb1 N
6 KΩ
16 KΩ
0.31 my
3.1 V
2.2 lb10 N
1 KΩ
11 KΩ
0.45 my
4.5 V
22 lb100 N
250 Ω
10.25 KΩ
0.49 my
4.9 V


Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) Thin sensor that detects physical pressure.


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