Adafruit Trinket Pro 16 MHz 5V

ADA 2000


A miniature Arduino compatible card at base of ATMega328

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The Adafruit Trinket Pro 5V card combines everything what you like on the Trinket maps and with the familiarity of the Arduino environment through its ATMEGA328 microcontroller. Simply put, it's like an Arduino Pro Mini card but with more pine and a micro USB connector.

The Trinket Pro card has been designed in the succesion of the Trinket card, but with a little more pine, a little over flash and a bit more RAM, 18 GPIO, 2 extra analog pines, 28K flash and 2K of RAM.

As the card Trinket, Trinket Pro card has USB support for loading but you can use a serial TTL shape with an FTDI cable or a USB2Serial.

Map Trinket pro measures 38mm x 18mm x 2mm without connectors, which is very small but with the same capability as a card Arduino UNO, this means that when you have finished a prototype on Arduino UNO Board, you can wear easily on the Trinket Pro card, but smaller.

The Arduino Pro 5V card uses the ATMEGA328 microcontroller, which the m ^ me on the Arduino UNO/Duemilanove/Mini/etc card with the same voltage and the same clock speed. Therefore, it is possible to program this card in the Arduino IDE.

It should be noted:

  • Pins 2 and 7 are available, because reserved for the USB part
  • The 5V regulator bit provide only 150 my
  • The card does not integrated USB-serial converter
  • The bootloader uses 4KB of Flash, which limits the sketch to 28,672 bytes.

It is compatible with the Arduino IDE, and it is directly programmable thanks to its micro-USB port.


  • Micro-controller: ATMega328
  • Nominal supply voltage: 5V
  • Consumption: 9mA
  • GPIO: 18 GPIO 6 capable of analog acquisition and 2 inputs analog and more
  • Flash memory: 32 KB including 4 KB for the bootloader
  • SRAM: 2K
  • Clock speed: 16 Mhz by software
  • Connectivity: MicroUSB 
  • Dimension: 38mm x 18mm x 2mm without connectors


Adafruit Trinket Pro 5V documentation:

Data sheet

Micro-contôroleur - Horloge16 MHz
Flash28 KB
Entrées/Sorties numériques18
Tension logique (GPIO)5V
Entrées analogiques6
Alimentation nominale5V à 16V
Connectique pour chargementmicro USB


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