Dust collector PM2.5 DSM501A

Dust collector PM2.5 DSM501A

Dust collector PM2.5 DSM501A


A sensor to measure dust in the air.

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The DSM501A dust collector module is compact and economical for a particle density sensor.

Quantitative measurement of particles according to the particle counter principle.
A Fine particle with a diameter greater than one micron could be detected with high sensitivity.
The indoor heating system provides the air intake.
One control contact and two output contacts.

The DSM501A consists of:

Light-emitting diode (LED) lamp
Signal amplifier circuit
Output control circuit 1
Output control circuit 2
Heating circuit


Operating voltage: DC 5.0 (plus and minus 0.5 v)

Model output: PWM

Operating current (Max): 90mA

Humidity range: Storage Conditions 0-99% RH

Humidity range: Working conditions 0-95% RH

Temperature range: Storage Conditions -20 to 80 degrees

Temperature range: Working Conditions-20 to 60 degrees

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