VEML6075 UV UVA UVB UV Index Sensor

VEML6075 UV UVA UVB UV Index Sensor

VEML6075 UV UVA UVB UV Index Sensor

ADA 3964


A small, accurate sensor for measuring UVA and UVB UV indices.

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This small sensor is an excellent way to add UVA and UVB light detection to any microcontroller project. The Vishay VEML6075 is equipped with real UVA and UVB band light sensors and an I2C controlled ADC that takes measurements and integrates them. The sensor also comes with calibration registers so you can easily convert UVA/UVB readings into a UV index.

Compared to our other UV sensors, this sensor provides accurate UV data. Unlike the Si1145, it has a real UV sensor, and unlike the VEML6070, it has dual-band sensors and an index calculation algorithm. So far, it's the best UV sensor we have!

This UV sensor works perfectly with a 3 or 5V power supply and logic, it is beautiful and compact and easy to use with any I2C compatible microcontroller. We have code examples and libraries for Arduino and CircuitPython/Python.

Each control unit comes with a printed circuit board assembled with a sensor, a power regulator, a level adapter and a non-soldered connector. A little light soldering is required to secure the connector, but it is a quick task!


Uses the I2C address 0x10

Product dimensions : 17.0 mm x 15.3 mm x 2.9 mm / 0.7" x 0.6" x 0.1".

Product weight: 0.8g / 0.0oz


Adafruit VEML6075 UVA / UVB / UV Index Sensor
A real UVA + UVB light sensor with UV Index calculations


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